Unless stated otherwise, CC0 (Creative Commons Zero; CC0 1.0) applies to the content on this website. This means that the content may be reused freely, unless otherwise indicated (for example, in the form of a copyright notice on a document).

CC0 does not apply to images

CC0 does not apply to photographs, videos, infographics or any other images, as these are subject to third-party copyright. This means it is not permitted to reuse or share images, unless permission is clearly stated for a specific image. If the creator of an image is mentioned on the website, it is mandatory to state the creator’s name when reusing that image.. In addition, when quoting the content, it must never be implied that central government endorses the derivative work.

When a request is made under the Reuse of Government Information Act, images can usually not be provided.


The editors have paid close attention to copyright regarding images used on this website. If you believe copyright has not been attributed, or not been attributed correctly, please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page.